Minor Lithuanian song Print Email
Written by Giedrius Kri.   
Sunday, 05 October 2008 20:36

Here is a piece from Lithuanian funeral songs. Realy sad one...
Play it without any rush. Life is short.

Hear it on Finale notepad software: minor_lithuanian.MUS

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Vanessa Mae comes to Lithuania Print Email
Written by Giedrius Kri.   
Monday, 01 October 2007 06:40
It might be possible that on 2007 12 11 concert in Vilnius Vanessa Mae will present her new album. For "BBC news" Vanessa said that her new album will be released 2007-2008.

Tickets in Lithuania: http://www.bilietai.lt/axtweb/view/evt-desc/1.0-lt-EDS001000002082
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Vanessa-Mae: Live at the Royal Albert Hall (1995)
Russian violin resurection part II Print Email
Written by Giedrius Kri.   
Monday, 10 September 2007 11:01

Planing the violin did not take as much time as preparing for it. :)

I had first try to measure existing plates thickness. For this I had to split the violin,
make myself a thickness calipper.

Bottom plate was already thinner as expected, so I just removed old varnish,
planed and sanded the plate.
Violin bottom plate Violin bottom top

Top plate was thicker as expected with bassbar which I decided not to touch.
Violin top plate Violin tio bottom

The scroll of this russian violin looked very poor as if made just similar to what
a scroll should look like. So I deepened the "hair", carved bottom of the scroll for it to
look more elegant, also made a slight angle for the players hand to be more comfortable
while playing on e string.
Violin scroll Violin scroll side

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